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Brotherhood Of Man

( Originally Published 1902 )

LORD BEACONSFIELD more than a generation ago, wrote a novel in which he undertook to find a cure for the political evils of Europe. He sent a young man from the Thames to the Jordan and Mt. Sinai. The young man prayed, and as he prayed he fell into a trance, and in the trance he saw a form hovering over the nations of Europe, and heard these words coming down: "The brotherhood of the race by the Fatherhood of God." General Harrison, in one of his great speeches, said : " The tendency is not to one brotherhood, but to many. Work for the willing at a wage that will save the spirit as well as the body is a problem of increasing tangle and intricacy. Competition forces economical devices and names wages that are in some cases insufficient to renew strength expended. Agencies of man's devising may alleviate, but they cannot cure this tendency to division and strife and substitute for it a drift to peace and unity. Christ in the heart, and his gospel of love and ministry in all the activities of life are the only cure. The highest conception that has ever entered the mind of man is that of God as the Father of all menóthe one blood, the universal brotherhood. It was not evolved, but revealed. The natural man lives to be ministered unto ; he lays his imposts on others. He buys slaves that they may fan him to sleep, bring him the jeweled cup, dance before him, and die in the arena for his sport. Into such a world there came a King, not to be ministered unto but to minister. The rough winds fanned his sleep. He drank of the mountain brook, and made not the water wine for himself. He would not use his power to stay his own hunger, but he had compassion on the multitude. Them he had bought with a great price he called no more servants, but friends. He entered the bloody arena alone, and, dying, broke all chains and brought life and immortality to light. Here is the perfect altruism ; here the true appraisal of men. Ornaments of gold and gems, silken robes, houses, lands, stocks and bondsóthese are tare when men are weighed. Where else is there a scale so true? Where a brotherhood so wide and perfect? To this King no coin of love is base or small. The widow's mite He sets in his crown. Life is sweetened. The poor man becomes of account. Where else is found a philosophy of life so sweet, a philosophy of death so comforting? "

Many of the remedies suggested for the world's industrial difficulties are only a piece of court-plaster on the little finger-nail to cure a terrible cancer within the body. The blood of Christ is the only real cure. Christ, with one hand that was pierced with nails, can take the hand of wealth, and with the other he can take the hand of poverty and enfold them in the embrace of a loving brotherhood. His voice alone can quell the fierce tumult of passion, and hush into a calm the angry storm of industrial strife. He saves communities as he saves menóby the moral purification of the individual heart. Christ hovers over our nation; the blood from his hands, his feet and his sides, sprinkles the Constitution at Washington and the Constitutions of the States, and this voice comes down to us : " The brotherhood of the race, by the Fatherhood of God, through the blood of His Son."

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