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Victoria Teaches A Sunday School Class

( Originally Published 1902 )

SOME twenty years ago Queen Victoria conducted a Bible class in Buckingham Palace. When the court is staying in London, there are many servants in the palace, and, as a considerable number of these are married and have children, her Majesty formed a Bible class for the especial benefit of the little ones.

This novel Sunday School was held in one of the Queen's private rooms, and sometimes quite a large number of children were present. Her Majesty conducted the class herself, and many of the children, now grown to be men and women, look back with intense pleasure to the time when they had for their Sunday-school teacher none other than the Queen of England. A chapter in the Bible would be selected by her Majesty. This the scholars read in turn, verse by verse. The Queen would then explain the more difficult passages in simple language, and set forth the lesson to be learned.

The Queen furnished a most excellent example to the thin-brained, shallow-hearted, who think the poor beneath their notice, and to the Christians who consider the teaching of children in Scriptural truths a small thing, unworthy of their ability or energy. Victoria was great on state occasions, and at Jubilees, but nowhere greater than as teacher of the Bible class composed of the children of the servants. There is no element more permanent in the British, or any other empire, than the education of the children, the children of the common people, especially in Biblical truth. God seems great in making worlds, and creating intelligences, but nowhere greater than when he stoops lowest at the Cross, to save the poorest child of earth.

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