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Young Man Saves A Hundred And Twenty Lives

( Originally Published 1902 )

ON the night of June 30, 1900, there raged that terrific fire at the Hamburg-American Line docks at Hoboken, N. J., which destroyed three ships and many precious lives. During the conflagration there were many acts of heroism worthy of mention. Frank Rademacher, a boy of eighteen years, took his skiff, and picked out of the wreckage, and fished out of the river, one hundred and twenty persons, who otherwise would have perished, and rowed them safely to the land. The coolness of his head and the skill of his hands were matched by the warmth of his heart. He constantly risked his life in his attempts to rescue others. The simple-hearted young man did not seem to think he had done anything worthy of especial praise. Some time after the fire, Colonel Wesley P. Jones, President of the United States Life Saving Corps, visited the Valencia Boat Club at Hoboken, and awarded to young Rademacher a gold medal for having saved so many lives, and said that he was the only person but one to whom the -Corps had awarded such a medal. Colonel Jones also presented at the same time a silver medal to Philip Heckel, for saving lives that fatal night. President Jones said that young Rademacher's heroic conduct was known and honored throughout Germany as well as this country.

There is a spiritual conflagration raging, and many are in the wreckage and in the water, and will speedily perish unless they be rescued. Christians ought to go to them with zeal and heroism and save them. A crown of gold adorned with sparkling jewels the King will bestow upon those who save the souls of their fellows, and they themselves will " shine as the brightness of the firmament, as the stars forever and ever."

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