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Science And Life

( Originally Published 1902 )

THOMAS A. EDISON has been so intensely human; has been so thoroughly engrossed with the investigation of natural facts, that some people have thought he was not a believer in God. Such people are greatly mistaken. He does not hesitate to declare his faith in the existence of God and of his divine providence. He says: " Too many people have a microscopic idea of the Creator. If they would only study his wonderful works, as shown in the natural laws of the universe and in Nature herself (seen on every hand, if people would look for them), they would have a much broader idea of the Great Engineer and of his divine power. Indeed, I can almost prove his existence by chemistry." Mr. Edison thinks that a strong probability of the existence of an intelligent Creator, can be deduced from the fact that the harmonious mingling of elements in the chemical world will produce beautiful colors and exquisite fragrance; and that the inharmonious mingling of them will produce disintegration, death, and foul odors. In several instances, the great scientist has expressed not only his intellectual faith in a Divine Being, but also his personal knowledge of him.

We hear very much talk about the atheism of science, and see many persons who are frightened at its supposed danger, but the fact is that atheism among men of science is the rare exception ; that a majority of those who investigate the facts of the natural world are believers in infinite Wisdom and Love.

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