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Uncertainty Of Life

( Originally Published 1902 )

ALFRED A. DUNHAM, a retired architect, and his wife, called one day at the parsonage of Rev. Dr. L. W. Allen, of the South Park Presbyterian Church, of Newark, N. J. They spent some little time in speaking of temporal and spiritual matters. The ill health of Mrs. Dunham was a source of great concern to her husband. The minister suggested that the three kneel down and offer prayer for the restoration of Mrs. Dunham's health. They did so, and while they prayed, Mr. Dunham fell over on the floor dead. A stroke of apoplexy caused his death.

If a man be ready a sudden death is no calamity, it is only a chariot with horses of swifter feet, or angels with swifter wing to convey him to his palace and his throne.

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