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Giants With Six Arms Had But One Heart

( Originally Published 1902 )

THE Argonauts landed upon a certain island, and the king, Cizycus, gave them a banquet, but they noticed that the king's face was sad, and, asking the reason, the king told them that there was a race of giants inhabiting a neighboring mountain, who pillaged his country, killed many of his subjects, and greatly disturbed his peace of mind. When the visitors were about to leave the next day, these giants rushed down from the mountain to destroy them. They had such long legs that they covered a hundred yards at a stride ; each one had six long arms, one to hurl a stone, another to wield a sword, a third to thrust a spear, a fourth to use a club, and the other two to shoot an arrow. Though these giants had six arms, they had but one heart, and that possessing only the strength of an ordinary man. But the Greeks were all heroes, each having the courage of half a dozen ordinary men, and not fearing the huge giants, with their long limbs and many arms and formidable weapons, rushed upon them, killing some of them, and putting the rest to ignominious flight.

In the conflict of life, it is not the size of the body, length of the limbs, number of arms, or variety of weapons, but bravery, manhood, which tells. The Latin word we translate "man" is vir, strength, valor, from which we take our word virtue. It was the highest ambition of these heroes to have this strength, valor, manhood, and neither the giants nor any other earthly power were ever able successfully to resist them. It is the heart of the man behind the weapon that is the measure of its victory.

In spiritual conflicts, although there are foes, huge-bodied, long-limbed, many-armed, and malignant in their design, the heart that is full of strength, valor, manhood, virtue, need not fear to encounter such an enemy—it is sure of victory. But the natural heart can have no such strength, it must have a new birth, by divine grace, before it can have the power to overcome the forces of moral evil. Even then there must be the inbreathing and continual indwelling of the Holy Spirit in that heart to enable it to slay or put to flight the evil giants that resist it.

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