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General Grant Find A Lost Child

( Originally Published 1902 )

GENERAL GRANT'S heart was as tender as his will was strong. While on a visit to a resort on the Delaware, the child of a widow was lost, and all the people in the neighborhood went out into the woods to search, Grant among the number. Toward evening the General met the mother,

who wept bitterly. He said, " Do not cry; we will find your child." He called the people together and said, " I will give a hundred dollars to the man that will find the child." Nine others made the same proposition, and a purse of a thousand dollars was offered. This stirred up the community, and the forest was ablaze with lanterns. General Grant, weary and not very well, went to bed. At first he could not sleep, so anxious was he about the missing one. At last he fell asleep and dreamed that he crossed a marsh, climbed a hill, worked his way through a brier thicket, and found the missing child on the hill beyond. So impressed with the dream was he that he arose in the morning, went out into the woods, crossed a marsh, climbed a hill, worked his way through a brier thicket at the bottom, and on the hill beyond he found the little flaxen-haired girl on the ground, asleep, her head resting on her arm. The General awoke her, and she looked him in the face, and cried, " Mamma." He took the little pet in his arms, and after more than an hour's walking, brought her to her home, and he gave the thousand dollars to the widow for her support.

About the time of Lee's surrender, Grant and some of his generals stopped overnight at the house of a Methodist minister. A little granddaughter of the minister came rushing into the hall, and General Grant caught her in his arms and kissed her, saying : " This reminds me of my own little daughter. I wish I had her here just now. I am homesick. I want to see my family."

The great men have the tenderest hearts. General Grant was great in carrying the poor lost girl in his arms, and in pressing the little Confederate child to his heart, as well as in leading the army of his nation. The greatest One who ever lived in this world said, " Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not ; for such is the kingdom of God." " And He took them up in His arms, put His hands upon them, and blessed them.

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