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Dressed For The King's Palace

( Originally Published 1902 )

REV. WILLIAM S. AMENT, in speaking of the terrible losses sustained by the massacre of native Christians in Pekin, and of the heroism of the martyred saints, tells this beautiful incident :

" There was a man named Hsieh, past fifty years of age, who was an opium devotee at the time he was converted. He at once sold his two opium dens, and became a Gospel preacher at his own expense. When he heard that the Boxers were coming for him, he dressed in his best clothes. The Boxers arrived, and hurried him away to the palace of Prince Chuang, who had insisted on having all victims brought before him prior to their execution.

` Why did you put on your best clothes?' they asked him. ` Because I thought I should be taken to the palace of my King,' answered the staunch Christian. They cut off his head, and then they tore out his heart, to find out, if they could, how he got so much courage."

It is believed that at least thirty thousand native Christians were killed by the Boxers during the recent troubles in China, any one of whom would have been spared if he had been willing to deny his Lord. That they did not do so, but freely gave up their lives for the One who died for them, is an evidence of the power of our religion, and a new inspiration to those who live to labor in God's cause, and especially to spread his truth in heathen lands. All of the thirty thousand martyred ones were clad in their most beautiful garments—raiment washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb—as they ascended to the palace of their King. And, robed in the garments of Christ's righteousness, they are seated with their Saviour on his throne, " heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ."

If the Boxers had only possessed keener eyesight, when they cut out the heart of Hsieh, to find the secret of his courage, they would have discovered Christ in its centre. The secret of every Christian's courage, service, and victory is the presence of Christ in the centre of his soul.

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