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Ants Turned Into Men

( Originally Published 1902 )

AMONG the many impressive stories of the Aegean shores and sea, is that pertaining to the maiden AEgina, whose name was given to the island on which she spent her days.

According to Grecian mythology, her beauty so overcame the great Jupiter, that he stole her away from those she loved, and on this barren island tried to make her satisfied with his devotion alone. In pity at her loneliness and constant supplication, Jupiter, since this rock-bound shore had no other inhabit-ants, turned the ants which had their busy life upon it, into men, women and children.

And so out of the sorrow of AEgina, came blessing, prosperity and joy. And this island, once sterile and barren, became a garden of grain and flowers; an elysium of palaces and vine-clad hamlets, and produced a little nation which made joy and goodness pastimes; and which became famous throughout the world for commerce and war. The nation was loyal to AEgina, the Queen, and followed her motto : " If life is not what you yourself had willed it, make it a blessing to another heart."

Many of the fortunes of life come out of its misfortunes. By Divine power in answer to prayer, sorrow may be turned into joy and defeat into victory. Out of the smallest beginnings God usually brings the most far-searching consequences.

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