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The Prince And The Children

( Originally Published 1902 )

FREDERICK III. of Germany, was passionately fond of his children. He mingled in their sports, and romped with them through the palace. One day a visitor, calling for alms, found the Prince on his back, in the middle of the floor, his children on him, trying to hold him down. Turning to the visitor, he said : " You see I have a large family ; they have ravenous appetites and are breaking me up. How can I help you? " This he said in fun, for he was full of play, but the next day he saw to it that the cause presented received a generous contribution. He was conducting a grand parade one day, when he saw a poor little girl trying to see the soldiers, but failing because those in front of her were so thick and so tall. He rode near to where she was, and ordered a soldier to give her to him. And he lifted her up and placed her in the saddle in front of him and rode along the lines that she might get a good look at the soldiers. What a beautiful picture ! Worthy to be put on canvas, or to be cut in marble for the eyes of the ages—a great general, with shoulders strong enough to hold up an empire, with spirit tender enough to carry a child of poverty in his bosom.

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