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Wang Cheng Pei's Beautiful Death

( Originally Published 1902 )

REV. F. G. GAMEWELL, as he was hurrying to the important work to which he had been assigned in the siege of Pekin, saw men carrying a native Chinese on a stretcher. The man had fought bravely and had received a mortal wound. Professor Gamewell discovered that it was a personal friend, a missionary, Rev. Wang Cheng Pei, pastor of the Methodist station at Fei-Cheng, in the Shaw-tung District, who had come up to Pekin to attend the annual session of the Conference. Thirty years before he had wheeled his aged mother four hundred miles in a wheelbarrow to Pekin, to give her the advantages of Bible study and Christian preaching. Professor Gamewell expressed deep sorrow at the fate of his friend, who answered, " Pray for me. It is all well. My body is in great pain, but my heart has great peace." The prayer was offered at the side of the stretcher while shot and shell were falling thick and fast. And then the man who prayed rushed away to fight, and the one for whom he prayed passed to his reward. Death, however suddenly or savagely it may come, will find the true Christian ready. Death is not an enemy, but a friend to take the true Christian warrior to his palace and his crown.

"Thy Saints in all this glorious war Shall conquer though they die."

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