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A Fatal Vanity

( Originally Published 1902 )

ANNIE McLEAN, a young woman of remarkable beauty, twenty-two years of age, lived in the city of Paterson, N. J. Her picture was sent to Buffalo to represent America in a design for the Pan-American exhibition. When she learned that her picture had not been accepted, she became despondent, dressed herself in her finest clothing and committed suicide by drinking carbolic acid. Poor little moth she was ! So silly to fly into the flame and be burned. What Annie McLean did the more swiftly and rudely many a young woman, and young man as well, does more gradually and politely, but just as surely sacrifices body and soul on the altar of Vanity. The pride of form or feature, of wealth or station, of birth or attainment, of robes and plumes, and jewels, the overweening desire for the notice and admiration of others, the giving up of the life to the empty vanities of earth, hurt the health and spoil the soul.

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