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Saved 3,000 Children - Lost His Own Life

( Originally Published 1902 )

WHEN the Boxer uprising in Pekin became so intense that the destruction of every foreigner and native convert seemed a question of but a few hours, Professor James, of the Imperial University, and Dr. Morrison, the Pekin Correspondent of the London Times, started out to find a place of safety for the native Christians, especially the children of the schools and orphanages. They prevailed upon Prince Su to give up the southern portion of his splendid palace for their purpose. The palace was just opposite the British legation. About three thousand, most of them little ones, many of them fatherless and motherless were marched into this palace and were saved from slaughter. Professor James had just assigned the little ones to the various apartments of the palace which they were to occupy, when a friend said to him that he was convinced that the Imperial troops were in collusion with the Boxers in the uprising. Professor James said that could not be the case, for Prince Su had assured him that the Government soldiers would never fire on the foreigners. That same afternoon the Professor undertook to return to the British legation by the North bridge, when he was shot and killed by Chinese soldiers. He saved three thousand children, himself he could not save.

Professor James, in providing a place of safety for these little ones, builded wiser than he knew, for we heard Professor Gamewell, who was in a position to know the facts, say that without the possession of the palace of Prince Su, the allied forces would never have been able to hold out against the enemy. Professor James, in his service and death, taught a larger class and sublimer principles than he could have done in his university for a hundred years; he did more for humanity and heaven than if he had lived a thousand ordinary lives.

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