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Lover's Locket

( Originally Published 1902 )

THERE lived in Scotland, a few years ago, a little lassie whose parents were debauched; whose home was miserable. She preserved her Christian character and fortitude under the most trying circumstances. All day long she toiled and ran errands, swept the hearth, and tended her younger brothers and sisters. The light of her life was the Mission School hard by, and there she was found, poorly clad, but clean, every Lord's Day.

The good deaconess at this school, noticed that Jeanette always wore a locket. This was passing strange, since jewelry was not to her taste, and her means were scanty, nevertheless, that locket was always on the faithful little heart. Presently, hard fare and brutal treatment did their work, and Jeanette lay down to die. As she passed away, the watchers tried to remove the cherished trinket. She waved them aside. Presently, when Christ had claimed his own, they opened the locket. Nothing was within, no portrait, no memento, save these words, " Whom having not seen we love."

No palace of wealth or culture could produce a more beautiful Christian character than this poor girl from the hovel. Her heart was a locket, richly jeweled, in the centre of which was the picture, the person of her Lord, who was her life, her love. Jeanette's locket with its lovely motto, might be profitably worn by every girl, by every follower of Christ.

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