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A Drummer Boy Beats A Rally

( Originally Published 1902 )

AT Kernstown, when the Confederate forces were beaten back and it seemed as though the day were lost, Stonewall Jackson stood alone, amidst the flying bullets of the enemy, and, seeing his soldiers disorganized and beating a hasty retreat, called a drummer boy to him, and, placing his hand on his shoulder, commanded him to " beat the rally." He kept his hand on the boy's shoulder and had him continue the work until the line was reformed and defeat was averted.

There were two essential instruments in rallying those disorganized forces —Stonewall Jackson and the little drummer boy. Each would have been powerless without the other. In the conflict of moral evil, when the forces seem disorganized and defeated, there is the need of the fearless, able leader, who will grasp the situation and employ suitable instrumentalities, and also a necessity for the little drummer boy—the least, the humblest soldier in the army of God—to beat the rally that shall reform the broken line and secure the victory.

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