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Stories Of A Modern Novelist Suggested By The Bible

( Originally Published 1902 )

MR. HALL CAINE, the novelist, has surprised the reading public by telling how extensively he has drawn upon the Bible for his literary material.

He says: " I think that I know my Bible as few literary men know it. There is no book like it, and the finest works ever written fall far short in interest of any one of the stories it tells. Whatever strong situations I have in my books are not of my creation, but are taken from the Bible. The Deemster is the story of the Prodigal Son, The Bondman is the story of Esau and Jacob, The Scape-Goat is the story of Eli and his sons, but with Samuel as a little girl ; and The Manx-man is the story of David and Uriah."

The fact that truth is stranger than fiction is illustrated in the Sacred Scriptures. Tributes to the literary worth of the Bible are paid, not only by those who believe its divine authority, but also by those who deny it. The Word of God is full of truth which appeals to reason, and of pictures of truth that appeal to the imagination. There is no reason why the Holy Spirit, who indicted the Scriptures, should not have recorded the most perfect knowledge of human nature, and the most accurate story of human life. The greatest writers, poets, painters, sculptors, musicians and orators, have derived their richest nourishment from the Book of God. Cut from literature and art what has been suggested by the Old and New Testament Scriptures, and we have but a tattered fragment of its present worth and glory.

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