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Contemplated Suicide - Found Life

( Originally Published 1902 )

AS I was about to speak at a meeting in Metropolitan Hall, New York, one afternoon, a tall, handsome, well-built, elegantly-dressed man of middle age came into the meeting. All eyes turned toward him as he walked down the aisle and took a seat not far from the front. At the close of the sermon the man raised his hand for prayer and afterward came forward to the altar. At the end of the service the leader asked him to tell the audience how he felt. He said : " Yesterday a terrible misfortune came upon me. I asked God for help to bear it ; I found no relief ; I spent a sleepless night, and this morning I resolved to escape from my trouble by suicide. I was walking along Fourteenth street, studying the easiest method of getting out of this world, when I saw the sign indicating this meeting. I did not know there was any such service being held here. I entered; the services took strong hold on me; I felt how wicked as well as foolish it was to think of killing myself, and I determined to go to Christ and see if he would not give me relief. I gave myself and my burden to Christ, and he received me, and my burden is gone. An hour ago I was the most miserable man alive; now I am the happiest." He continued: " I am of high family in the Old Country, and have first-class social position in New York," and his face and manner bore evidence to the fact. When the meeting was dis-missed, the manager of the meeting sent a worker to get the man's name and number; not desiring identification, he declined to give either. There were conjectures as to his identity ; it was suggested by one that he had lost a fortune in speculation on Wall street; by another, that he had been bereft of a loved one; by another, that he had committed some terrible crime ; but it was all conjecture ónobody knew. They did know that he was a splendid specimen of manhood, and that he came into the meeting oppressed by sorrows, almost unto death, and left it with the joys of the Redeemed.

There is no sin so foul that Christ's blood cannot cleanse; no sorrow, however distressing, that the Holy Spirit cannot cure.

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