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Love For Animals

( Originally Published 1902 )

QUEEN VICTORIA was very fond of the lower animals—of horses, cattle and dogs, and had her pets among them. Prince Albert used to go to his model farm every day to look at the cows he admired so much. When he died the Queen used to go to look at the cows every day, thinking that they would miss their master and might be glad to see her in his stead. She had an especial fondness for dogs. On the day of her coronation in Westminster Abbey, after several hours of pomp and ceremony and physical and mental strain, she drove to the palace, where her heart was lightened by the barking of her pet spaniel, that greeted her so lustily on her return. She made all haste to take off her crown and jewels and royal apparel, and lay down the sceptre and give her dear Dash a bath. Her practical education had taught her that dogs had to be bathed as well as queens to be crowned, and her young spirit was equally at home with either. In after years, at Balmoral, the Queen writes : " My favorite collie, Noble, is always down-stairs when we take our meals. He lies upon a couch and does not leave it unless invited to do so. He will hold a piece of cake in his mouth and not eat it till we give him the permission. He is the most `biddable' dog I ever saw—so affectionate and kind ; if he thinks we are not pleased with him, he will put out his paws and beg in such an affectionate way." Victoria employed almost her dying breath in calling for her pet dog. She loved royalty, she loved the common people, she loved the poor, she loved the lower animals.

The people who, in search for a king, selected a man whom the lower animals loved because they thought he would be merciful to them, had more than a grain of truth in their calculation. If the dumb brutes of Britain could have spoken, they would have said, " Long live the Queen." The ideal queen was the one who could carry a crown with a level head and pet the horses that drew her carriage or the dog that followed her footsteps. Any life will be full of power where the heart is full of love.

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