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The Spirit That Disarmed The Boxers

( Originally Published 1902 )

THE burning of a chapel on Hata-gate street, Pekin, June 13, 1900, was the signal for the destruction of all the mission and other foreign buildings in the city. The Methodist Mission was the best defended, and into it most of the missionaries of all denominations flocked for safety. Captain Hall, with a company of American marines, was sent to defend it. The Asbury Church, the finest Protestant church edifice in China, was turned into a fort. Some of the marines stood guard upon its roof. Their forms in the night looked to the natives almost like spirits against the sky ; and the Chinese said that a super-human being had come from America and lighted upon the dome and rendered futile the divine charms of the Boxers.

America's God did preside over his imprisoned children and disarm the satanic power of the Boxers.

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