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He Sets The Prisoner Free

( Originally Published 1902 )

WHEN noble John Howard became interested in the alleviation of the distress which he saw everywhere prevailing in the prisons of England, he undertook to appreciate the situation by placing himself in the position of the inmates of these places of punishment. In one jail he found a cell so narrow and filthy, that the poor wretch who occupied it begged as a special mercy that he might be hanged. John Howard shut himself up in that cell, and endured its darkness and foulness till nature could bear the pestilential confinement no longer. Then he went out to rouse England to a sense of the iniquities she was permitting, and to stir the world with a tender solicitude for unfortunate and deprayed humanity. Thus did Christ place himself in the prison-house of the flesh, endure the shame of human life and labor to elevate mankind from degradation to dignity. And he has moved the heart of the world as no other one has done in behalf of the outcast elements of society.

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