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General Lee's Simple Faith In Christ

( Originally Published 1902 )

GENERAL ROBERT E. LEE, during the Civil War, on being informed that the chaplains were praying especially for him, was greatly overcome by the fact and, weeping, said : " I sincerely thank you for that ; I can only say that I am a poor sinner, trusting in Christ alone, and that I need all the prayers that you can offer for me."

In these times, when some are relying upon ecclesiastical ordinances, some upon a strong will, and others upon a correct life, it is well to remember the greatest fact in this world—that faith in Christ, and Christ alone, is the only hope of salvation for the soul. The other great fact which General Lee pathetically expressed, and which is worthy of our consideration, is that we need the prayers of our fellow men, as well as the Divine Spirit, in the pursuit of a Christian life. No person was every brought into the Kingdom of God, or kept faithful in the divine life, except by the help of the prayer and the faith of some one else ; and he never will be. There was enough genuinely true theology in General Lee's simple remark to fill a library with volumes and the world with saints.

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