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Mirror In The Window

( Originally Published 1902 )

Being so fond of nature, Henry Ward Beecher's farm at Peekskill was a paradise to him. Friends tell me they often saw him with a linen duster and an old straw hat, in a buggy much the worse for wear, drawn by an ordinary horse, happy as a king, on his way out to his farm, which, during several months of the year, was his earthly heaven. The fields, the wild flowers, the bees, the brood, the birds, the pets in the house or barnyard or pasture, the woods, the hills, the winding streams, the tender associations, filled his soul so full that they poured out into his sermons and addresses. A gentleman told me that, in company with others, he was entertained at Mr. Beecher's new house at Peekskill just as it was ready for his occupancy. In the morning Mr. Beecher came to the room occupied by my friend and another gentleman, and with a hearty greeting said : " Well, boys, have you seen all there is in this room ? " They answered him that they had, when he opened and turned the inside shutter so as to show an inserted mirror, catching an area of the Hudson River and the hills beyond. His own soul was one great mirror, reflecting the beauties and the glories of nature. He saw in the river and mountain, as in a mirror, the scenes of infinite beauty.

The Bible and the Cross ought to be in the windows of every home, bringing to human vision the unseen beauty and glories of God. Every breast ought to be a mirror reflecting the invisible truth of the Divine Mind, and bringing into view the River of Life and the Hills of Immortality.

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