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The Single Woman and Men

MEN CONSTITUTE FOR SINGLE WOMEN the other side of the ledger which seems in some way to have been omitted from their book of life. But the omission is more apparent than real. For single women are as dependent upon men for their livelihood, for their position in life, and for their security as are married women. In many situations the single woman who is gainfully employed works directly with men, she has to get on with them in order to do her work effectively, and her work must be satisfactory to a man executive if she is to receive advancement in position and in pay. Even if she works in an organization in which the personnel is composed largely of women there is usually a man executive who determines policies and procedures. Organizations in which both executives and staff members are women, such as social work agencies and schools, have men on their governing boards. The private social agencies whose personnel may be composed entirely of women nevertheless collect their funds from men of wealth and position in the community who will give only if they view the agencies' work with approval.

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