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Achieving the Balance

Some women have refused to accept the limitations of an attenuated and over-intellectualized indoor existence and they have assumed for themselves the task of making a saner and more satisfying mode of life. They have been too shrewd to pay out money merely to discover themselves single but they have invested their savings in insurance and bonds, chuckled to themselves, and gone about the business of living. The success, the happiness, and the sanity of the life which many of them have built for themselves is the most convincing argument that it can be done. And those who have lived most zestfully and happily and with the greatest evidence of success have not been those who were so concerned to pull out and examine and ponder over their inner quirks and foibles but rather those who took themselves as they were without too much pondering about it and who proceeded with the business of living. Some of the elements of that life we have already discussed, but one of the elements which has not received the attention it deserves is manual work which has been rediscovered and appraised. In fact, many of the elements of the good life for the single woman, as for all other elements of our population, have not been based upon new discoveries and new values but upon the rediscovery of old ones which we had lost or forgotten in the rush of living.

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