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Lack of Visible Accomplishment

Much of the work that is done by women in clerical and professional pursuits does not allow even at best the satisfaction of visible accomplishment. A woman of intelligence may perform one small part of one small task the relation of which to a larger whole she has no means of learning. While some of this job inertia can be overcome and the compensatory aspects of it developed there remains nevertheless that lack of personal satisfaction which comes in seeing that I, this worker, have accomplished this tangible, visible result. At times this feeling of personal accomplishment is important in the maintenance of morale.

This floor which has been scrubbed and waxed and polished is visible to the eye in all its shining splendor. Its beauty and its utilitarian smoothness are a result of my handiwork. My rugs will lie in luxury on that satiny surface and my family will glance with a friendly and approving eye at the good work I have wrought. But who can say when that restless and highly decorated blond has really grasped the simple principles of trigonometry which she affirms so loudly that she understands? Will her mother see, and understand and approve of her daughter's widened grasp of dimensions and their relations? And if I could be sure that my pupil understands, will that understanding have an effect upon her in that role in family life to which her pulchritude so obviously destines her? Will she be more loving, more understanding, more able to care for her family? Even my utmost faith as educator fails to sustain me here. I must take this as a part of the day's work, wonder about the strange jobs we get and go out for a smashing game of tennis. When I return I will go to a meeting. If I have accomplished nothing perhaps we have.

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