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Amateur Plays - Selective List Of Amateur Plays

( Originally Published 1923 )

THE following lists, which do not pretend to completeness, will at least be found helpful in assisting amateur organizations to choose " worth-while " plays. The general headings " Classic ", etc., are clear, but the following explanations must be made regarding the other markings :

An asterisk (*) indicates that the play is in one act. Those not so marked are in more than one act, and are in most cases "full length."

The letter s " denotes serious or tragic plays, intended in nearly every case for advanced amateurs.

The letter R " denotes plays of a romantic and poetic nature.

The letter " c denotes comedies, farces, and plays in lighter vein.

The letter F" in parenthesis after the title indicates that a fee is charged for production by amateurs. The publisher or agent (see foot-notes), must be consulted for particulars.

The letter " D " denotes modern dialect plays, like those of Lady Gregory. Most of these plays are included under the general heading of " Classic " because the costumes and setting, though they may be modern, are not the familiar modern costumes and settings.

All plays not included in the first division "Classics, including modern costume and historical plays," are to be found in the second division : " Modern plays."

It is nearly always unwise for an amateur organization to take a play on faith ; it is therefore advisable for it to collect a library of amateur plays, from which successive generations of members can at least form some judgment of the field from which they are to select their plays.

This list makes no pretence to completeness. It has been the writer's purpose merely to mention a number of classic and standard plays which amateurs can produce without too great difficulty.

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