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Wedding Preparations

( Originally Published 1918 )

AS the engagement draws near an end, the young woman begins to turn her attention more definitely to the subjects of a trousseau, the wedding and the wedding journey. These matters rest very largely in her hands, and it is well, therefore, for her to give careful consideration to them. She will, of course, make her own decisions upon these matters, but a few words of advice may not be amiss.

While it is delightful to have a plentiful supply of all sorts of dainty wearing apparel when one marries, it is much more important to be in the best possible health and spirits. For this reason, it is not well for the bride-to-be to plan a great lot of hand-embroidered lingerie which will call forth the envy of her girl companions and probably the execration of her future unfortunate laundress. Daintiness and simplicity can go together, and some of her time and strength and eyesight might well be devoted to other and more important matters at this time.

Let her remember, too, when deciding what she must buy, that her parents may want to make a few purchases after she has left them. If she is a thoughtful daughter, she will leave a little money in the family exchequer.

Moreover, let her remember that styles change, and if she supplies herself with too large a wardrobe, she will have no excuse for getting anything new.

Let her, in this as in all other matters, use her own good judgment, and pay little or no attention to the comments and possible advice of those who judge only by appearances and who think more of dress than they do of character.

As for the wedding, if she will consult her husband-to-be, she will find, in the majority of instances, that the one thing he is praying for fervently is to be allowed to have a simple, unostentatious wedding. Since the life they are entering upon together is still more or less of an experiment, it would seem to be in good taste for them to be rather modest about it. When they come to celebrate their silver or golden wedding anniversary, then they can afford to make a big splurge.

Lastly there is the all-important question of the wedding journey. It is, of course, delightful for the two to have together the joy of some pleasurable sight-seeing trip, but, on the other hand, there is always the probability that every-body is going to pick them out as bride and groom, and they will feel so conspicuous that more than half of the pleasure will be spoiled for them. Many a girl shows her good sense by preferring to go at once into her own little home nest and enjoy to the full, in those first weeks and months, the thrill that comes to them both through the knowledge that this little home is theirs. They will avoid many of the inconveniences of travel and the jarring notes which these may bring to their new life together, which is now entering upon its difficult period of adjustment. Within the quiet realm of home harmony may more easily develop than out in the hurley-burly of the traveling world.

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