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Washington's Early Prophecy

( Originally Published 1902 )

WHEN a boy fifteen years of age, George Washington wrote this marvelous prophecy of himself " I will command the troop of my colony, win everybody's regard, inherit a large fortune, will be called to command the army of the country, will be the first soldier of my time, will be called to rule over a nation I shall help to create." It seemed as though he were mistaken in his prophecy as to matrimony. He fell desperately in love with the "Lowland Beauty," and wrote verses to her, and made a proposal of marriage to her, which was declined with thanks. She married another man and became the grandmother of General Robert E. Lee, Commander-in-Chief of the Confederate Army. He then became fascinated with a Miss Phillipse, but, while he was away fighting the Indians, another man cut him out and married her. But the dream of his boyhood was realized at last in his marriage to the widow Custis, who was "beautiful, elegant, and wealthy," whom he loved. In every other particular, the prophecy of his boyhood was fulfilled.

The young dream themselves into what they are to be. The plans are drawn on the paper before the structure is built on the ground. It is the castles of air, after all, that turn into palaces of stone. It is more than likely that the Spirit of the Infinite whispered in the ear of George Washington, the boy.

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