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The Letter "V" Above The Student's Door

( Originally Published 1902 )

HERE was a young student who entered Amherst College determined to put in his time to best advantage and achieve the highest excellence. He painted a letter "V" on a piece of white card-board, and tacked it up over the door of his room. The boys thought this act was the freak of a crank, and wondered what the letter meant ; some guessing one thing, and some another. The placard stayed in its place till the close of his college course. He had out-stripped his fellow-students in proficiency and been selected as the valedictorian of his class.

It then dawned upon the minds of his classmates that the " V " meant the valedictory, and, on asking him, they found that was the case. He said the day he entered college he determined to go to the head of his class, and that he put up the letter to remind him constantly of his ambition. That young student was Horace Maynard, the able lawyer and eloquent orator of Tennessee, and the competent Postmaster-General of the United States.

There is nothing of any value done without a great life purpose. The de-termination to excel in the material, mental and moral world is a worthy one. The letter " V " is not a bad one to tack over the door of the room of any young person ; " V," which stands for victory over material difficulties, for victory over mental and spiritual foes, for victory over Self ; and for virtue, which is manly vigor, inspired by divine power. There is a letter which ought to be above the door of every heart, as an inspiration for every moment of this earthly existence, and that letter is "C," which stands for Christ, for Cross, for Charity.

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