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Cooking For Health - Dairy Products

( Originally Published 1927 )

Thorough cleanliness should always be observed in handling dairy products. When milk is boiled it is not as good as the uncooked milk, for it becomes more difficult to digest, and it loses its delicate balance, spoiling some of the natural salts. Milk should as a rule be taken in its natural state, and only a moderate amount should be used in cooking.

Clabbered milk: Place the fresh milk in china or earthen dish (not a metal one) and let it remain where the temperature is moderate. The covering of dish is not to be air-tight, nor is the milk to stand in the sunshine. If the milk has not been boiled or pasteurized or chemically treated it will sour in a day or two.

Buttermilk: The real buttermilk is what remains of the cream after the butter has been removed by churning. Artificial buttermilk can be made by beating clabbered milk, and this is a good food.

Artificial buttermilk can also be made by adding lactic acid bacilli to the sweet milk and al-lowing to stand until it clabbers, and then beat or shake.

Junket: Get some rennet at drug store, add it to sweet milk and put aside in quiet place until coagulation occurs. Do not disturb the vessel until process is complete.

Cottage cheese is good, and this is the best way to make it : Pour clabbered milk in. muslin bag and let it drain in cool place. Do not drain entirely dry, but leave some whey in the mass. After draining, beat well, adding rich milk, either sour or sweet; or add cream. Do not beat enough to remove the little lumps entirely.

This makes a delicate, delicious cheese, far better than the cottage cheese that has been made by heating the clabbered milk.

Other cheeses: The mild ones are best. They are very nourishing and easy to digest.

Plain custard : Two eggs to a pint of milk, sweeten to taste, one-half teaspoonful vanilla, pinch of salt. Beat eggs, sugar and salt together. Add milk and vanilla, and mix well. Pour into cups, place cups in a pan of warm water in moderate oven. Usually takes about twenty to twenty-five minutes to bake the custard. The milk may be scalded.

Maple custard is obtained by using maple sugar instead of other sweetening.

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