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Cooking For Health - Vegetable, Fruit And Nut Salads

( Originally Published 1927 )

Raw fruits may be combined with vegetables to make delicious salads. These are fine in summer. When nuts are added, the salad be-comes very nourishing. Any number of salads may be made, and we shall give a few samples to show how. You can use these recipes, or you can work out combinations of your own :

1. Lettuce, celery and grapes.
2. Celery, apples, pecan nut meats.
3. Lettuce, grapefruit, apples.
4. Lettuce and avocado (alligator pear).
5. Cabbage, apples and nuts.
6. Sliced apples garnished with grated carrots and English walnuts.
7. Lettuce, oranges and raisins.
8. Romaine, oranges and raisins.
9. Cabbage, apples and raisins.
10.Endive, grapes, pecans.
11.Celery, pineapple and almonds (or other nuts).
12.Sliced cabbage, celery and nuts.
13.Celery, chopped figs and pecans.
14. Endive (or lettuce), grapefruit, flaked peanuts.

We have kept the number of ingredients down to three, but there is no charm about this number. You can have four or five ingredients, or you can have two.

Dress the fruit and vegetable salads as suggested for the vegetable salads, or with fruit and nut dressings.

These salads are good without any dressing. Whipped cream makes a good dressing. So does cheese.


Take two or more ripe raw fruits, adding nuts if desired. Either dress as already suggested or eat without dressing.

One good dressing is cottage cheese, thinned out and well beaten. Either sour or sweet milk can be used for thinning. A fruit salad with this kind of dressing will make a good summer lunch.

Here are some hints for salads:

1. Oranges, sliced bananas, nuts.
2. Apples, oranges and nuts.
3. Apples, grapefruit and nuts.
4. Peaches and grapes.
5. Pears, sliced bananas, raisins.
6. Peaches, one kind of berry, with or with-out nuts.
7. Cantaloupe and berries.
8. Apples, pears, nuts.
9. Apples, ripe bananas, pineapple.
10.Grapes, tomatoes, chopped figs.
11.Apples, bananas, raisins.
12.Apples, oranges and raisins.

Any kind of raw fruit or berry that is relished can be used for salad purposes.

Why all this space for salads? Because the raw fruits and vegetables preserve youthfulness of body and maintain the purity of the blood. They are the true health foods. They are essential for those who would outwit old age.

Many of the fruits are best eaten raw, Fruits should not be heavily creamed sugared. Most of them are best plain.

Pies are not the best of foods. No directions will be given here for that kind of cooking.

Stewing fruits: Clean and if necessary peel. Put fruit into plain water (no sugar) and cook until tender. When the fruit is about done, add moderate amount of sugar or honey, that is, if it needs sweetening, and stew two or three minutes longer. Do not have the fruit boil violently.

Stewing dried fruits: Wash and soak from an hour upwards. Soaking is not absolutely necessary, but usually makes the fruit more tender. Stew gently in plain water until almost done. Then, if necessary, add sugar or honey in moderation and stew a few minutes longer.

Boiled whole apple: Place whole apples in deep stewing pan. Add about one cup of water to each apple. When almost done, add sweetening, quantity depending upon the tartness of the apples. The vessel is to be covered and the boiling gentle. Cook until the skin bursts and the apple is tender throughout. Coring is not necessary. This is a delicious dish.

Stewed prunes: Wash and soak a few hours (over night if desired). Then stew until tender. If the prunes are sweet, add no sugar. If they are sour, use moderate amount of sweet-

ening. Stewed raisins, figs or dates: These fruits may be treated like prunes. The dates need no soaking, and they are almost too sweet when cooked by themselves.

Soaked prunes: Take sweet prunes, wash and put them into deep dish or jar. Add enough hot water almost to cover them. Cover dish tightly and put aside for eight or more hours. Serve the prunes as they are with their portion of the juice.

Soaked raisins or figs: Prepared like soaked prunes.

Apples and dates stewed together: Peel and slice apples; to each medium sized apple use from two to four dates, depending on sweetness desired. Stew together in plain water, but add no sweetening. Figs or raisins may be used in place of dates.

Baked apple: Place apples, either cored or uncored, into deep pan. To each apple add about one-third cup water and a teaspoonful or more of sugar. If the apples are sweet, no sugar is needed. Bake until tender through-out, and serve apples with their proportion of the juice.

Steamed fruits: All fruits that are good stewed may be steamed. Clean, add water and the necessary sweetening and allow to steam until done.

Fruits may also be cooked in pressure cooker or fireless cooker.

Olives: The ripe ones are best. May be eaten with any salad.

Rhubarb : This vegetable is stewed like fruits. The stalks only are fit to eat.

Baked banana: Peel, place in pan, bottom of which is greased or covered with water; put into quick oven, and let bake from twenty to thirty minutes. Baking bananas should be somewhat green.

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