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Cooking For Health - Vegetable Salads

( Originally Published 1927 )

Vegetable salads should be made of the raw salad vegetables, which help to keep the blood alkaline, and prevent acid fermentation in the digestive tract.

Make the salads simple. Those with normal taste will like them best so. It is not necessary to have a combination salad, for one kind of salad vegetable will do.

The following are good salad vegetables: Lettuce, endive, romaine, tomatoes, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, cress, celery-cabbage, chicory, mild green peppers, parsley, radish, green onions, mature onions and garlic. A small amount of onion or garlic or some green peppers may be used to flavor any vegetable salad.

Many kinds of salad can be made, and I shall suggest a few as an aid:

1. Lettuce and celery.
2. Lettuce and tomatoes.
3. Lettuce and cucumbers.
4. Lettuce, cucumbers and tomatoes.
5. Plate of lettuce.
6. A dish of tomatoes.
7. Tomatoes and celery.
8. A dish of sliced or (slaw).
9. Cabbage and celery.
10.Cabbage and green peppers.
11.Celery-cabbage and tomatoes.
12.Cabbage and cress and celery.
13.A dish of celery-cabbage.
14.Cabbage, tomatoes and a little onion.
15.Romaine and boiled or steamed string beans. (In winter.)
16.Lettuce and grated carrots.
17.Chicory and cucumbers.
18.Endive and tomatoes.
19.Romaine, cucumbers and celery.

Avoid potato salad.

Salad dressings: They vary according to individual taste, but they should be simple. Omit the vinegar. Vinegar, like alcohol, is the product of fermentation. Chemically it is acetic acid. If acid (sour) is wanted, use lemon juice or orange juice or grapefruit juice or pineapple juice. The lemon juice is best.

Some dressings for raw salads follow, and you can take your choice, remembering that the simpler the dressing the better.

1. Salt.
2. Salt and olive oil.
3. Salt, olive oil and lemon juice.
4. Salt and lemon juice.
5. Lemon juice, or other sour fruit juice.
6. Olive oil or peanut oil or cottonseed oil.
7. Olive oil and lemon juice.
8. Mayonnaise dressing.
9. Sour cream in moderation.
10.Grapefruit juice and olive oil.
11.Pineapple juice and salt.
12.Not to exceed tablespoonful of honey, or a sprinkling of brown sugar or maple sugar.
13:Fruit and nut dressings.
14.No dressing whatever.

Dressing No. 14 is very good, and enjoyed by many who have natural taste, for it leaves the foods with their original delicious flavors. If sweets are used for dressing, be moderate.

French dressing: It is usually made of olive oil, vinegar, salt and either pepper or paprika. Make it of olive oil, lemon juice and salt, and very little paprika. There is no fixed formula, so those who do the mixing will have to suit taste. When much lemon juice is used the oil will float on top.

One formula: Stir together one part lemon juice, six parts olive oil, salting to taste.

Another formula: Stir together one part lemon juice, two parts of olive oil and salt to taste.

A good way is to let each individual do his own dressing. Let him pour as much oil upon his salad as he desires ; then let him squeeze what lemon juice he wishes on top of it, and salt to taste.

Mayonnaise dressing: To make this is an art, and requires much labor. Here is one of many formulas:

Stir not to exceed one-fourth teaspoonful of salt into the yolk of egg (raw) in mixing bowl. Drop by drop add eight ounces (one-half pint) olive oil, stirring rapidly all the time. When this amount has been stirred in add a few drops of lemon juice and a few drops of oil, alternating with the oil and lemon juice until the desired amount of dressing is made. The oil thickens the dressing and the lemon juice thins it, so you can regulate the consistency by using more or less of these ingredients. With one egg yolk almost a pint of dressing can be made. If a full quart of dressing is desired, it is best to take three egg yolks.

To make good dressing it is necessary to keep the ingredients cold and stir rapidly. In summer keep the mixing bowl in a pan of chipped ice while making dressing.

Fruit and nut dressings: These contain other ingredients than fruit. Many tasty ones can be concocted. Here are some suggestions.

One dressing: Measure out one part peanut butter, one part lemon juice, two parts pine-apple juice (or orange juice). Mix well and beat into creamy consistency.

Another dressing: Almond butter one part, orange juice two parts. Beat well.

Another dressing: Two parts rhubarb juice, one part honey, and beat well. Use as it is, or beat into it one part peanut oil or olive oil.

Rhubarb juice, grapefruit juice, orange juice and lemon juice are good acids for dressing salads. Hundreds of simple, tasty dressings can be made by combining fruit juices and ground nuts, with or without peanut oil or olive oil. As a rule, use two parts of oil to one part of fruit juice, and about the same amount of nut butter or flaked nuts by weight or measure as of fruit juice. Always beat well. Most of the fruit-nut-oil dressings can be made into creamy consistency.

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