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Cooking For Health - Cooking Eggs

( Originally Published 1927 )

Boil, coddle, steam, bake, poach or make omelettes of them. Have them soft or well done according to individual taste. Frying should be avoided.

Boiled eggs: Soft boiled eggs are prepared by putting into boiling water and allowing them to boil two or two and one-half minutes.

Hard boiled eggs are usually cooked from five to seven minutes, which produces a tough egg. The correct way is to let the eggs boil about twenty minutes. This gives a delicious, mealy egg.

Coddled eggs: For each egg use a quart of boiling water. The water is to be removed from the fire, the eggs in the shell dropped in, the vessel covered and allowed to stand seven or eight minutes.

Poached eggs: Carefully break strictly fresh eggs into saucer, slide into gently boiling water. Place vessel so that the water remains hot, but does not boil any more-simmering heat.

Baste yolks with the hot water and cook to suit taste.

Omelette and scrambled eggs: Prepared in various ways. Beat eggs and add boiling water ; or add water and milk ; or add milk ; or add cream and milk. Put into hot pan that has been lightly greased. For scrambled eggs stir; for omelette do not stir, but turn one-half onto the other. Cooking in a pan lightly greased does not impair the food value, but cooking in much grease does.

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