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Internal Cleanliness

( Originally Published 1927 )

The most prominent cause of physical disease is a gathering of waste material within the body. This is what is often called auto-intoxication. The reason for it is that the wastes are not eliminated as rapidly as they are produced. The accumulation of matter which should be excreted always causes physical trouble. Sometimes it will produce acute disease; at other times this material slowly gathers and gradually poisons the body until the individual finds himself suffering from chronic disease. If this process of poisoning or intoxication is allowed to continue it debilitates the individual and shortens life.

Most persons try to keep the surface of the body clean. This is right and proper, but it is of no importance whatsoever, as compared to cleanliness within.

There are four chief eliminating organs. They remove the waste from the body and thus maintain internal cleanliness. If the general care is correct and the body is kept in normal condition the eliminating organs are able to do their work in such a complete way that the blood and all other parts of the body remain sweet and clean. When this is accomplished the individual remains in health.

The chief eliminating organs are the lungs, the skin, the kidneys and the lower intestines.

The kidneys will give themselves automatic attention if the drinking is correct. The rest of these organs we shall deal with in detail in this important chapter.

It is absolutely essential for those who wish to live in health and to maintain the body in a reasonably youthful condition and to live long, to keep the body clean within. Internal cleanliness fundamentally means a pure blood stream. When the blood is pure the rest of the body is in the same condition.

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