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Christian Graces For The Aged

( Originally Published 1868 )


Be patient—life is very brief,
It passes quickly by ;
And if it proves a troubled scene
Beneath a stormy sky,
It is but like the shaded night
That brings a morn of radiance bright.

Be hopeful--cheerful faith will bring
A living joy to thee,
And make thy life a hymn of praise,
From doubt and murmur free ;
Whilst like a sunbeam thou wilt bless,
And bring to others happiness !

Be earnest—an immortal soul
Should be a worker true;
Empoy thy talents for thy God,
And ever keep in view
The judgment scene, the last great day,
When heaven and earth will pass away.

Be holy—let not sin's dark stain
Thy spirit's whiteness dim—
Keep close to Jesus 'mid the world,
And trust aone in him ;
So, midst thy business and thy rest,
Thou shalt be comforted and blest.

Be prayerful—ask, and thou shalt have
Strength equal to thy day;
Prayer clasps the Hand that guides the world:
Oh, make it then thy stay!
Ask largely, and thy God will be
A kindly Giver unto thee!

Be ready—many fall around,
Our oved ones disappear ;
We know not when our call may come,
Nor should we wait in fear;
If ready, we can calmly rest ;
Living or dying, we are blest.

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