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Tarry With Me

( Originally Published 1868 )


TARRY with me, 0 my Saviour,
For the day is passing by :
See ! the shades of evening gather,
And the night is drawing nigh !
Tarry with me ! tarry with me !
Pass me not unheeded by !

Many friends were gathered round me
In the bright days of the past ;
But the grave has closed above them,
And I linger here the last !
I am lonely; tarry with me
Till the dreary night is past.

Dimmed for me is earthly beauty ;
Yet the spirit's eye would fain
Rest upon thy lovely features :
Shall I seek, dear Lord, in vain?
Tarry with me, 0 my Saviour,
Let me see thy smile again !

Dull my ear to earth-born music:
Speak thou, Lord, in words of cheer :
Feeble, tottering my footstep,
Sinks my heart with sudden fear ;
Cast thine arms, dear Lord, around me,
Let me feel thy presence near.

Faithful memory paints before me
Every deed and thought of sin ;
Open thou the bood-filled Fountain,
Cleanse my guilty soul within :
Tarry thou, forgiving Saviour !
Wash me wholly from my sin !

Deeper, deeper grow the shadows,
Paler, now, the gowing west ;
Swift the night of death advances ;
Shall it be the night of rest?
Tarry with me, 0 my Saviour !
Lay my head upon thy breast !

Feeble, trembling, fainting, dying,
Lord, I cast myself on thee :
Tarry with me, through the darkness !
While I sleep, still watch by me
Till the morning ; then awake me,
Dearest Lord, to dwell with thee.

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