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Christians View Of Eternity

( Originally Published 1868 )


I'M but a weary pilgrim here,
Life's varied griefs sustaining ;
The ills I feel, and those I fear,
Would tempt me to complaining :
But, Lord, the hopes of joys above
The pains of pilgrimage remove,
Or give me strength to bear them.

Oft in the silence of the night
My soul her griefs is sighing ;
And morn, with its returning light,
No respite is supplying :
One gleam of heaven relief bestows ;
That home of rest no sorrow knows,
But joy reigns there for ever.

And when the future gives alarm
Of evils to oppress me;
And anxious fears of coming harm
Thick gather to distress me ;
Eternity makes time so small,
Its fleeting fears and sorrows all
No onger raise my terror.

When Death, so dreaded from afar,
Comes nigh, my days to number,
That, free from every earthly care,
My head may sink in slumber,
That peace and joy may banish fear,
Let then eternity appear,
With views of future gory.

Hope, Lord, makes every burden light,
Its strength from thee it borrows ;
That glory—fit me for its sight,
By all my pilgrim sorrows !
May it in death my doubts dismiss,
And form my endless store of bliss
With thee, in life eternal !

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