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I Shall Soon Be Dying

( Originally Published 1868 )


AH ! I shall soon be dying,
Time swiftly glides away ;
But, on my Lord relying,
I hail the happy dayŚ
The day when I shall enter
Upon a world unknown :
My helpless soul I venture
On Jesus Christ alone.

He once, a spotless victim,
Upon mount Calvary bled;
Jehovah did afflict him
And bruise him in my stead;
Hence all my hope arises,
Unworthy as I am ;
My soul most surely prizes
The sin-atoning Lamb.

Soon, with the saints in glory,
The grateful song I'll raise,
And chant my blissful story
In high seraphic lays.
Free grace, redeeming merit,
And sanctifying love
Of Father, Son, and Spirit,
I'll sing in realms above.

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