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( Originally Published 1868 )


" My times are in thy hand."

YET will I trust ! in all my fears,
Thy mercy, gracious Lord, appears,
To guide me through this vale of tears,
And be my strength.

Thy mercy guides my ebb and flow
Of health and joy, or pain and woe,
To wean my heart from all below,
To thee at length

Yes ! welcome pain which thou hast sent,
Yes ! farewell blessing thou hast lent ;
With thee aone I rest content,
For thou art heaven.

My trust reposes safe and still
On the wise goodness of thy will,
Grateful for earthly good or ill,
Which thou hast given.

0 blessed Friend ! 0 blissful thought !
With happiest consolation fraughtó
Trust thee I may, I will, I ought
To doubt were sin.

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