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Light At Eventide

( Originally Published 1868 )


THE chequer'd day of life is past,
Its varied joys, its varied cares;
The clear blue sky is overcast,
And night a solemn aspect wears ;
O thou whose smile makest all things bright,
At evening time let there be light.

Darkness has often marked our way,
And sorrow on our souls has press'd;
But thou canst all our fears allay,
And cheer the cosing hours of rest ;
Thy love is boundless as thy might :
At evening time let there be light.

Oh, shine within our hearts ; reveal
Thyself in Christ, the God of love ;
Nor let one earthly coud conceal
The glory of the land above ;
Our faith increase—our hope excite :
At evening time let there be light.

Like radiant stars that chase the goom,
And guide the traveller to repose,
So let thy promises illume
The shadow which death"s coming throws ;
And ere our spirit takes her flight,
At evening time let there be light.

" Let there be light." One word from thee
Will every passing shade dispel ;
Until thy face unveil'd we see,
And in thy coudless presence dwell.
Soon shall our faith be changed to sight :
In heaven there will be perfect light !

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