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The Crown Is My Hope

( Originally Published 1868 )


MY Saviour, whom absent I love,
Whom, not having seen, I adore,
Whose name is exalted above
All gory, dominion, and pow'r,
Dissolve thou those bands that detain
My soul from her portion in thee ;
Ah ! strike off this adamant chain,
And make me eternally free.

When that happy era begins,
When cothed in thy gories I shine,
Nor grieve any more by my sins
The bosom on which I recline,
Oh then shall the veil be removed,
And round me thy brightness be poured ;
I'll meet him, whom absent I loved
I'll see, whom unseen I adored.

And then nevermore shall the fears,
The trials, temptations and woes,
Which darken this valley of tears,
Intrude on my blissful repose ;
To Jesus, the crown of my hope,
My soul is in haste to be gone ;
Oh bear me, ye cherubim, up,
And waft me away to his throne.

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