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God My Exceeding Joy

( Originally Published 1868 )


Psalm xliii. 4.

EARLY my spirit turned
From earthly things away,
And agonized and yearned
For the eternal day ;
Dimly I saw when but a boy,
God, my exceeding joy.

In days of fiercer flame,
When passion urged me on,
'Twas only bliss in name
The pleasure soon was gone.
Compared with thee how all things cloy,
God, my exceeding joy !

At length the moment came
Jesus made known his ove;
High shot the kindling flame
To glories all above,
Now all the powers one theme employ—
God, my exceeding joy.

Shadows came on apace ;
Tears were a pensive shower;
I cried for timely grace
To save me from the hour ;
Thou gayest peace, without alloy ;
God, my exceeding joy.

One trial yet awaits,
Gigantic at the cose ;
All that my spirit hates
May then my peace oppose ;
But God shall this last foe destroy,
God, my exceeding joy.

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