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The Old Folks

( Originally Published 1868 )


AH ! don't be sorrowful, darling,
And don't be sorrowful, pray ;
Taking the year together, my dear,
There isn't more night than day.

'Tis rainy weather, my darling,
Time's waves, they heavily run ;
But taking the year together, my dear,
There isn't more cloud than sun.

We are old folks, now, my darling,
Our heads are growing gray ;
But taking the year all round, my dear,
You will always find a May.

We have had our May, my darling,
And our roses long ago ;
And the time of the year is coming
For the silent night of snow..

And God is God, my darling,
Of night as well as day ;
And we feel and know that we an go
Wherever he leads the way.

A God of the night, my darling,
Of the night of death so grim;
The gate that leads out of life, good wife,
Is the gate that leads to Him.

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