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A Little While

( Originally Published 1868 )


A LITTLE while, and every fear
That o'er the perfect day
Flings shadows dark and drear,
Shall pass like mist away ;
The secret tear, the anxious sigh,
Shall pass into a smile ;
Time changes to eternity,
We only wait a little while.

A little while, and every charm
That steals away the heart,
And earthly joys that warm
And lure us from our part,
Shall cease our heavenly views to dim ;
The world shall not beguile
Our ever-faithful thoughts from Him
Who bade us wait a little while.

A little while, and all around,
The earth, and sea, and sky,
The sunny light and sound
Of nature's minstrelsy,
Shall be as they had never been,
And we, so weak and vile,
Be creatures of a brighter scene,
We only wait a little while.

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