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Beauty - Neck And Chin

( Originally Published 1924 )

The neck and chin need constant care to retain a pleasing symmetry. The neck must be bathed and fed with nourishing cold-cream daily, for it is only a starved neck that early shows signs of wrinkles. The hollow places at each side of the base of the throat can be filled out by a liberal use of cocoa-butter.

Brown spots, which so often come on the neck under the ears and on other parts of the body, may indicate liver trouble, which can be prevented by eating oranges. Six oranges a day will drive liver spots away.

The falling contour of the chin is one of the first evidences of age, but it can be prevented with faithful care. Let us find a few helpful exercises for the neck and chin.

Be seated in a low-backed chair, clasp hands under chin, force the head back as far as possible, back to natural position. Repeat twenty-five times.

Again, clasp hands on top of the head and force to one side and then to the other, as far as possible. Repeat twenty-five times.

Hands in the same position, force the head back-ward until it rests on the back of the chair, and then forward until the chin rests on the chest. Re-peat twenty-five times.

Open mouth, throw the head slowly backward, and while the head is back, close the mouth and grit the teeth. Repeat twenty-five times.

After that—the deluge. After the exercise, dash the neck and chin with cold water or rub with ice held in a thin cloth. Apply the ice for five minutes.

At bedtime, wash the neck thoroughly with hot water and good soap, rinse with warm water, and apply tissue-building cream. Pat, pat, pat-do not rub, for that will stretch the skin-until the cream is all absorbed. Extend your patting to the muscles beneath the ears. Wipe the face gently with a soft cloth or the tissue-paper prepared for the purpose. Then use cold water and wich-hazel.

Once a week use an astringent ; a good one is the white of an egg. Apply over the entire face and neck; leave it on a half-hour ; relax during that time; then remove it with warm water and apply vanishing cream.

Three nights a week, strap the chin. Put a heavy layer of tissue-cream under the chin and over that a piece of muslin fastened at the top of the head. Leave on over night. Be regular and persistent. The expense is little except in time, and, like Virtue, Beauty will be its own reward.

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