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Beauty - Mouth And Teeth

( Originally Published 1924 )

The dentist is the one who should give advice about the teeth. Certainly no one ought to neglect this greatest aid to laughter, for you know that if you can but laugh at trouble, it will quickly run away. It's not easy to laugh, however, if you feel conscious that such a trouble chaser will transform you into a less attractive person. If your teeth are pretty, laugh all you can and, as you have heard, the world laughs with you.

You can erase many lines about your mouth with cold-cream and the fingers.

This care of the mouth will give you a well-groomed feeling:

FirstóBrush the teeth with clear water on rising, and with paste and powder after each meal ;

Brush the ouside of the closed teeth and the gums above and below with a large circular motion, never crosswise;

Brush the inside of the teeth and gums, the roof of the mouth, and the grinding surfaces with an in-and-out motion; the stroke must be rapid and light. If you have never brushed your gums before, begin gently. You will soon stimulate and harden them.

SecondóAfter meals clean between the teeth with dental floss.

ThirdóRinse the mouth with lime-water until it foams. Make your own lime-water with half a cupful of unslaked lime from the paint store (not drug store) shaken in a quart bottle of water. Pour off the first water, refill, and use the clear solution, refilling the bottle till all the lime is dissolved.

But cleaning the teeth is not all; you must feed them alkali. Tomatoes and oranges are among the best food for the teeth.

Don't be misled by the taste of things. Meat, white sugar, and starch (which is the chief part of white flour), peeled boiled potatoes, and maccaroni, once they are in the body form acids. The antidote for the acid is alkali, which is in the skins and juices and is retained in brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, whole wheat, brown rice, baked potatoes, eaten skin and all, fruits, and vegetables served with juices.

The unfortunate ones who must resort to substitutes for natural teeth should inform themselves upon the new and wonderful art in denture making.

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