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Beauty And Ears

( Originally Published 1924 )

In showing your ears, be sure to look at your profile in a mirror. Some people look well from a front view with their ears showing, but are decidedly homely if viewed in profile.

The woman with the too-round face should not allow her ears to show, for it will add breadth and the continuation of a wide line of the skin's color. A dark hat worn rather close over the ears and near to her cheeks will break that line and give a narrower expression to the face. The golden-haired girl will find that a black, close-fitting hat or a black ribbon worn around the head rather than across the forehead, will make her face appear more slender.

If a woman has high cheek-bones in a narrow face, she should not show her ears. A piquant touch may be given, however, by long earrings hanging from small and attractive ears.

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