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Care Of The Eyes

( Originally Published 1924 )

We are not speaking of vision. There is no place in this discussion for that advice which only an occulist should give. Wrinkle-forming squinting often indicates a necessity for his attention. Boric-acid solution, one tablespoonful to a pint of boiled water, should always be ready for use. An eye-cup should be used to administer the eye-bath.

When lying down for the afternoon rest, which every woman should have, pads of absorbent cotton, wet with ice-cold water and witch-hazel, and placed over the eyes will give a soothing restfulness and a brilliancy to the eyes.

A wash of strong black tea is the secret of the Russian beauties' long lashes and clear eyes. Boil water for five minutes, put in a pint of water a quarter of a pound of tea, but do not boil. Let it cool for three hours. Wash the eyes once in the morning and once at night after heating the liquid.

Exercise will beautify the eyes and do away with crow's feet; also prevent sagging and heavy lids and puffing underneath. Close the eyes and strain to see darkness. Count ten. Open; count ten. Repeat twenty times. Without moving the head, look decidedly to the right; then to the left; up-wards; downwards. Describe a circle with your eyes, moving them slowly around. Repeat ten times.

Concentrate your vision on a near object and gaze fixedly at it for ten seconds, then quickly focus your eyes on a point as far distant as you can see. Repeat twenty times.

Smooth a nourishing cream about the eyes. With the middle finger gently tap beneath the eye from the nose outward to the corner for five minutes. Pat repeatedly on the crow's feet.

With the wrist balanced on the forehead, gently draw the eyebrows up as far as possible, beginning near the nose and continuing outward. Repeat these movements ten or twenty times with each eyebrow.

The pads of cotton squeezed out of ice water and wich-hazel should now be placed on the eyes, while the body relaxes for ten minutes.

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