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Beauty And Elimination

( Originally Published 1924 )

Nothing in all the world has as much beneficial effect upon a woman's appearance as the proper elimination of body poisons. All the beauty lotions in the world can not cover up the havoc which constipation produces in one's appearance. So, if a woman has made up her mind to become beautiful, let her bear in mind that the rejuvenation must be a from-within-out treatment. There must be complete elimination of the body's waste if you would have beauty of skin. Retained poisons are absorbed by the blood and carried to every tissue. Organs can not properly function; the muscles lose elasticity; the nerves become drugged, the disposition irritable, and the mood depressed. Correct diet and exercise will relieve constipation, which is the worst enemy of a good complexion. Another way of stating the fact is this :

Exercise improves circulation;
Circulation aids lymphatic glands;
Lymphatic glands secrete lymph;
Lymph is the elixir of Youth;
Youth gives vitality;
Vitality increases Beauty;
Beauty gives Power;
Power brings Happiness.

To begin one's beauty treatment for the day, the first thing in the morning drink two glasses of water, and, for the sallow one, the juice of half a lemon should be added. During the day two more quarts of water should be drunk. The diet should contain little meat, but plenty of green vegetables and stewed fruit.

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