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Clothes For Palm Beach And Other Summary Winter Resorts

( Originally Published 1924 )

Absolute simplicity, never so studied as to appear affected, is the key-note of clothes which one takes to winter resorts. The clothes for southern wear are generally prophetic of summer fashions.

For morning—straight, one-piece dresses in crępe de Chine or silk alpaca, trimmed with plaits or drawn-work, often with scarf attached; or very simple flannel dresses. For more formal occasions, dresses of French voile, embroidered voiles or batistes, middy-blouse costumes with crępe de Chine blouse and plaited skirt to match or of silk-like woolen, or cashmere-finished woolen. Coat and skirt tailleur is severe; one-buttoned, of silk alpaca or silk-like woolen, and white is often seen.

Scarfs are multitudinous. For sports they are of striped knitted silk, or of crępe de Chine in brilliant color, or matching the costume. For evening, they should be of tulle in black, or in a matching or contrasting tone.

Coats may be skirt length or seven-eighths or three-quarters length and, if desired, fur trim-med. The coats may be straight or flaring and sometimes have capes. Materials for the coats are soft as unspun fleece and are without luster. The broadcloth coat with all-over embroidery is especially attractive for older women. There are interesting coats of knitted material. For motoring or traveling there is, for coats, a fabric showing two shades of the same color, such as light gray and Oxford, or beige and brown. Simple coats of tweed-like material are good but not new.

Sweaters are popular—chenille in open work and other very novel designs.

For afternoon, one wears gay printed silk frocks or black and white or blue and white. A coat lined with printed silk to match the frock may be worn. The lines of the frocks are simple, sleeves are very short or very long. Silk voile in lovely colors, also occasional printed chiffon frocks are seen under the palms at tea.

For evening—gowns of black lace and tulle, some-times worn over a color, or black lace and chiffon over flesh color, or black chiffon over white slip with colored ribbons, are seen. Lace is prominently displayed in tones of cream, beige, brown, or green. Simple, untrimmed black satin dresses are seen also.

Wraps are very attractive. Sometimes they are of satin trimmed with narrow bands of fur, or of two shades of chiffon weighted with fur, or in black and white lace with white fox or ermine collars.

Shoes may be lizard, white, black and white, or all white. Stockings are flesh or white. For evening one sees brocaded sandals or embroidered colored satin slippers with nude stockings.

Bathing-suits are of jersey, one-piece if possible, with matching capes or capes of taffeta, printed silks, or cretonnes, combined with plain material. Brilliant handkerchiefs, tied over skull caps give the appearance of a sea of prismatic bubbles.

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